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How to print on fabric!

You’ll need: Spray adhesive Scissors Plain Card Stock Muslin (or some other light, cotton fabric) Roll of Paper (or even newspaper, just something to protect your work surface.) Plus a computer & inkjet printer. Instuctions:

1. First take your paper and cover your work surface. It’s best to do it outside, because the spray gets everywhere. Once you’re covered, place the sheet of cardstock down and lightly spray over the whole piece.

2. Next gently pick up the card stock, place it adhesive side down onto a pre-ironed piece of fabric, and smooth it all down with your hands so it’s wrinkle free. It works best to start from the center and work your way to the edges.

3. Then trim around the cardstock with your fabric scissors. Now your fabric is ready to print on!

4. Select your image and use the fabric facing the print direction of your computer. {Mine is face down.} After it prints, give it about 10 minutes or so for the ink to dry.

5. Then peel the paper off of the cardstock and you’re ready to craft up a storm! If you want the ink to be more permanent, then soak it in a vinegar bath for 5 mins then let it air dry – it sets the ink.

Now you can make pillows…. or flower pins…. or whatever you can dream up! DIY via

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