16 small ideas to simplify your life

1. Emergency corkscrew: twist a screw into the cork, then use a fork to pull it out



2. How to follow a recipe if you don’t have enough space in the kitchen: use a hanger



3. It’s a pity to throw away a piece of soap when its almost over. Just stick it to a new one



4. A straw is the best way to remove calyx



5. You always have a risk to run out of cash on your vacation. Conceal some note in an old lip balm stick and use it in emergency



6. Have you ever pressed the cables in order not to run out of electricity? Just make a knot before plugging!



7. That damned rolls of wrapping paper! How to keep them even if you don’t use them? Take a toilet paper roll, cut it lengthwise and wrap a roll of packaging paper



8. Rise your hand the one who hadn’t ever broke down charging cable. To solve this problem, just wrap a pen spring around it



9. Use a plastic cup if you want to amplify built-in speakers



10. How to use a hammer without damaging one’s fingers? Just take a pin and you won’t have any problems



11. If a mascara starts hardening — don’t throw it away. Pour some rewetting drops for contact lenses, and it will be like a new one. You don’t believe it’s true? Just check it out!



12. If you drill a hole, stick a folded post-it onto the wall. It will prevent the dust from falling down



13. To slow down the process of mellowing of bananas, wrap a cut stalk with food film. Ethylene, which is naturally released during the process of maturing, will reach other parts of the fruit and prevent it from premature mellowing



14. If you don’t have enough space in your wardrobe — use a can pull tab. Thus you may add some extra hangers



15. No more lost buttons. Apply some transparent nail enamel onto the button. It will prevent the threads from coming untied



16. If you don’t have ice packs: wet a sponge and freeze it in a hermetic sachet. It won’t drip, and you can use it longer


Source: questoloriciclo